For 20 years, the Power Rangers have been an unrelenting force for good; teaching generations of children the values of teamwork, diversity, and self-confidence. The show has always celebrated individuality, empowering youth to show courage in the face of adversity.

In keeping with that tradition, 24 former Rangers spanning the entire two-decade run of the series - from the first episode of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to the last episode of Power Rangers Super Samurai - united for a colorful, one-of-a-kind NOH8 portrait we like to call “Rangers For Equality.” 

While these actors have all moved on to a variety of different things, each of them revisited their Ranger roots to send a powerful message of support - inspiring hope that the heroes we cheer for are fighting for us, too. 

Rangers from Left to Right: ALAN PALMER (Corcus; Black Alien Ranger), RAJIA BAROUDI (Delphine; White Alien Ranger), CERINA VINCENT (Maya; Lost Galaxy Yellow), PHILLIP JEANMARIE (Max; Wild Force Blue), RHETT FISHER (Ryan; Lightspeed Rescue Titanium), BRANDON JAY MCLAREN (Jack; S.P.D. Red), BRITTANY ANNE PIRTLE (Emily; Samurai Yellow), KEITH ROBINSON (Joel; Lightspeed Rescue Green), WALTER EMANUEL JONES (Zack; Mighty Morphin’ Black), STEVE CARDENAS (Rocky; Mighty Morphin’ Red), KARAN ASHLEY (Aisha; Mighty Morphin’ Yellow), DAVID YOST (Billy; Mighty Morphin’ Blue), ROGER VELASCO (Carlos; Turbo Green), ERIKA FONG (Mia; Samurai Pink), TED, TIM, & TOMMY DIFILIPPO (Trey of Triforia; Zeo Gold), ARCHIE KAO (Kai; Lost Galaxy Blue), MIKE GINN (Gem; R.P.M. Gold), MIKE CHATURANTABUT (Chad; Lightspeed Rescue Blue), KIMBERLEY CROSSMAN (Lauren; Samurai Red), SASHA CRAIG (Kelsey; Lightspeed Rescue Yellow), PATRICIA JA LEE (Cassie; Turbo/Space Pink), and BLAKE FOSTER (Justin; Turbo Blue). 
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    It’s the least you could do, Kimberly. You confused me from a young age.
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    As someone who grew up watching this show and knowing all of these people… it’s all that more powerful and amazing. :)
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    So finally this becomes a thing after the events of homophobia behind the scenes that had caused Yost to quit.
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